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Building our collection

We search out the most unique examples from all eras, branches of service and home front war effort to build our collection which currently has of over 2,000 artifacts. We do so through; purchasing individual artifacts from servicemen or their families, purchasing from various auction houses, acquiring large private collections, by selling and trading duplicates from our collection and through consignments and donations. The base of our collection is centered around WWII era U.S. Military. However, we have examples in our collection from foreign military’s, politics and business and from as far back as the 19th century up until the 2000’s. Additionally, we are also looking to build our library of historical information. Therefore, if you have historical knowledge on an artifact in our collection or yours, or, if you know of a U.S. Military ashtray or an ashtray collection, please go to “Contact” and email photographs or any information you may have on the artifact(s).